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You are like the working class Martha Stewart!

We hosted an intimate holiday gathering at our new home over the holidays. As is our custom, our famous thankfulness chain adorned one wall. This year the chain had a mate, a handsome new chain festooned with a turkey family … Continue reading

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Firmly Grounded

Our corn grew tassels this week, our gourds have become plentiful and our onions are so large their white tops are cresting above the soil. Our blueberry bushes are holding their own against the strangeness of this Michigan summer, while … Continue reading

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Just Bend

When platitudes of perseverance fill me with seething rage instead of the urge to sew a throw pillow I know I need to take a walk. I bristle at the slightest whisper of empathy lately, when what I really want … Continue reading

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Blow Fish

I find melodramatic prose comforting right now. Imagine a shipwreck in the fog, but everyone makes it safely to a large rock. I feel like that rock, my family is standing on my back, regaining their composure and feeling safe. … Continue reading

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My Last Day of Pregnancy

Throw Back Thursday — the last day of my last pregnancy, nearly five years ago. I hated being pregnant, but the results were perfection.

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Unicorns and Rainbows

I wish my week were so full of rainbow farting unicorns that I didn’t bother to write, my pupils dilating to the rhythmic dancing of fantastical light shows as my children gleefully take in sights and wonders too intense to … Continue reading

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Happy Cow

In a rage of preteen hormonal angst I swore off consuming the flesh of animals, screams of fairness and the interconnection of living beings matched by a silent acceptance from my mother and a gift of a vegetarian cookbook. She … Continue reading

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Pneumonia knocked me out of the game for the last five days, leaving me a huddled mess of fever induced hallucinations, panic and helplessness. For the last several years one or both of my children have suffered through the throes … Continue reading

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Invitation to Normalcy

As a former smelly kid, someone abysmally terrible at making friends of my own accord until middle school, and then employing poor decision-making in order to obtain friends, I am always tuned in to the friendship tales of my children. … Continue reading

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So Good to Me

There is something insanely gratifying about an unspoken agreement between Dave and I that in our family gifts of personal time and sacrifice are far more important than money. Last night, as I drifted off to sleep, Dave came into … Continue reading

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