Cast of Characters

David is my husband of eight years. He is awesomely funny and kind. He reminds me of Kirk Cameron (circa the 1980s glory days of his career), with curly hair, gorgeous smile and adorable dimples. Initially he did not want me to use his real name on this blog, so I called him Not-Kirk instead. I asked him if I could call him Kirk, he said no due to the oceans-wide difference between he and Kirk on all opinions of importance. So I call him Not-Kirk here, Bug in person, and the love of my life to anyone who wants to hear me gush about our 48 hour courtship prior to engagement. He is a brilliant theatre professional, runs his own theatre company, directs plays of social importance and acts professionally on occasion as well. He was diagnosed type II bipolar in 2007 and we are slowly becoming public activists about mental illness.

Twinkle Toes is our amazing, fierce and fabulous daughter who turned six in July. She was extremely hard to bring into this world, and every moment I spend with her shows me how worth it all of everything related to pregnancy and childbirth was- she is a vision of procociousness and love and I feel honored to be her mom. After a horrific, challenging pregnancy she was born with a mysterious illnesses that ruled our life for over a year. After a few years of catching up on her physical developments and growth she can finally blend in, something I never knew I wanted for my child but desperately craved when it wasn’t possible. She is smart, logical and can remember every detail of things that are important to her. She is a girl scout, goes to gymnastics and dance, wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up and is wonderfully kind to her brother.

Ninja Boy is our four year old son. He is the most loving, affectionate, thoughtful and empathetic child I have ever met. He cares how people feel, intuitively spends more time with people who need to feel loved, offers kisses and hugs to anyone who wants them and spends his time showing the world how a little boy can love to fight bad guys with ninja kicks, then turn around and kiss a boo boo on his sister’s knee. My husband and I had multiple misscarriages and chemical pregnancies before Twinkle and one between the kids’ births. I begged Not-Kirk to try just one more time and the universe responded by bringing me the most amazing, inspiring and loving baby boy. We didn’t know it, but Ninja was the final installment of our family and the universe was determined to bring him to us. My pregnancy was awful with him- I struggled with a bleeding placental abruption from 18 weeks to 35 weeks, when I went to deliver and hope for the best. His scream of life in that operating room was magical.

Poppa Rocks and Granny Gem are my parents. I credit the way they raised me for nearly all the good stuff in my life. If my kids end up looking on me with the same glow I look on my parents then I know I succeeded as their mother.

Our family are practicing Unitarian Universalists, live a simple life on one small salary so my husband can chase his theatre dreams, spend more time adventuring than sitting and act like goofballs. The terrifying pregnancies and illnesses of the kids’ earliest moments drives me to live every moment I can with joy and love.


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