Happy 5th Birthday Ninja Boy

Dear Ninja Boy,

On the day you were born the universe whispered that the journey your Daddy and I started with a leap of faith and a first date five years, four months and ten days before had gained its final player. On the day you were born my heart rested, knowing that my body, bruised and beaten from the journey to bring us all together, earned a victory lap. On the day you were born we convened our first team huddle on my hospital bed, your Daddy and I vowing that the four of us were going to be the greatest team in the history of the world, first in loving unconditionally and without end.

You had an amazing year little one.Your gymnastics coach sees promise in your abilities. You can do basic tumbling and complete flips on the rings and bars already. Sometimes you scream out, “watch what I can do!” then leap off a piece of furniture, do a flip then jump back up to your feet. Besides the nausea induced trauma it causes me and the fear of furniture ripping it sends through your Dad it is amazing to watch your progress!

Your greatest love right now is Gabbi. You two plan to marry as soon as you graduate kindergarten. You sneak kisses to each other whenever you think you aren’t being watched. Sorry to tell you this but we see everything; the innocence of your love is infectious, filling everyone with nostalgia for a time when spending the rest of your life with someone was as simple as being empathetic, remembering your manners and sneaking smooches under the swings. The bond that forms in the years of early friendship is one you will remember for a lifetime. You are lucky that this bond is with someone so plucky, kind and special.

This month also marks your last year in public school. Next year you will join your sister at the Waldorf School, a transition you look forward to with such glee. I am more excited than nostalgic for this change, which surprises me. Even though you are my last baby, the last child I will usher through the passage from nursery school to full-time school, I see that this transition is one I can watch with a wink and a wave instead of a push and a hope. You are ready and we both know it.

Your favorite thing to do this year is to have morning snuggle time, where we set the alarm for 15 minutes before we have to wake up, then all pile into the bed together to hug and talk about our plans for the day before we get moving. I love that you still love this because it means the world to me, too. You also love family game night, which we are lucky enough to do at least one or two times a week. You are a master gardener, an excellent weed puller and a fantastically good sport during family activities. How in the world I was lucky enough to have you, a child with a heart full of love, hands ready for work and a spirit full of sunshine? I could not ask for better inspiration to be a better person each day than to be the sort of Mom you deserve.

You have a personality I understand and relate to on so many levels. You are so kind to other people you sometimes hurt yourself in the process of protecting other people’s feelings. You are always willing to put the needs of the universe ahead of yourself, and you rarely ask for things unless you really need them. You feel that the greatest gift of all is spending time with people you love, and giving love freely without expectation of return.

On the day you were born I realized that I was not only the luckiest Mom in the universe because both you and your sister made it here, alive and well, to be a part of our family, but because I was honored with the opportunity to watch you grow. Your heart is big enough to conquer the universe, and all I want to do is protect it from injury.

You will always be my little boy, and I will always love you. Never forget that on the day you were born your Daddy and I had our love grow so much it filled the whole universe, poking holes into the sky. You can still see them at night, twinkling and letting the sky shine through in the form of stars. Our love broke the universe for you, and now little aliens are feeling love waves, too, because one planet just isn’t enough atmosphere to contain this much feeling.

The world is a better place because you are in it – thank you for being my son.





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