All Better Some Day

The four of us were sitting down to dinner together, a rare treat since Davey started working two jobs a month ago. We went around the table verbalizing our gratitude – everyone was grateful to be together. Next comes sharing our high and low moments; it is a wonderful way to learn about their days without using the dreaded “so how was your day?” line of questioning.

Ninja was boiling over to start the sharing, surprising as it is usually Dave or I who gets the ball rolling. He was really quiet for a second, waiting for all of us to pay attention. He looked across the table at his sister and said, “I am so happy, and my high today is that soon [Twinkle] will get her surgery and she will finally get to feel all better again. And I have no lows because that makes me so happy.”

I didn’t know what to say. My beautiful boy, my four-year-old son who had a day full of happy moments spent adventuring with friends, could think of nothing better about his day than to celebrate that his sister would soon be well. His heart is made of gold; his soul profoundly beautiful. Most children cannot put other people ahead of themselves at that age – some people are still learning to do it at my age.

To honor her privacy I haven’t spoken directly about Twinkle’s health issues on my blog. I plan to continue speaking only generically about her issues, but she gave me permission to share this story. Dave working two jobs, the extra stress I have alluded to in several posts, my long absences from this space, are all related. She has surgery April 14 as the next step towards total wellness.

As Ninja said, our high, all of ours, is that she will finally feel all better soon.



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2 Responses to All Better Some Day

  1. lindadyer573 says:

    That’s about enough love to fill a heart to overflowing, maybe even a whole family of hearts…

  2. Camille says:

    I also hope that Twinkle gets better very soon. Sending you lots of prayers and love ❤

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