My Husband is a Dream Boat

Davey Also Creates the Art, Does the Publicity, Builds the Sets, Runs the Lights and Sound and Smiles like an 80's Dream Boat

Davey Also Creates the Art, Does the Publicity, Builds the Sets, Runs the Lights and Sound and Smiles like an 80’s Dream Boat

Dave’s play open’s tonight, Small Hours Serenade, making this our 3rd main stage show since moving to Detroit and starting a new theatre company. I love this play. It is a new work that reminds me of a dragonfly, lightly making contact with reality before skittering away into the consciousness of its main character. We watch the relativity of reality, the power of perception and the graceful acceptance of fate through four newly minted adults wading through chaos. So beautiful.

This is the first time Dave has produced a new work, having the playwright and dramaturgic professional on-hand throughout the process, shaping the show rehearsal by rehearsal, his creative process  becoming indelible ink stains on the scriptThis is also the first time I watched him sink into his role knowing from day one that he was the right man to produce this play. He sees himself as worthy of tough work, talented enough to create compelling art. He sees himself through the lens I have always seen him — It is so refreshing to know that we both see an incredibly talented artist, that his study and sacrifice, his life story replete with both triumph and tragedy, has created something magical that others want to experience.

I am overcome with emotion every time I see what he creates using his genius, a small amount of cash, and unending passion. Tonight, and for eleven additional nights. I will hear about other people experiencing his art and be reminded of why it is so important we live on love and art instead of taking an easier route.



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4 Responses to My Husband is a Dream Boat

  1. Maggie says:

    Aww, this was a beautiful post! Good luck to Dave and the cast and crew!!

  2. lindadyer573 says:

    Alternatives may appear easier (and only in the short view of things), but everyone wins with this scenario. Wish I were there to leap to my feet as the applause crescendos at the conclusion…

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