Momma Says Keep Your Shoes On

A room of adults sipping wine and drinking beer, laughing and enjoying adult conversation while snacking on delightful food not purchased with children in mind – throwing a party for adults is such a strange experience after years of musical chairs and caped crusader-based children’s events. Dave and I hosted a party on Saturday. I styled my hair, wore makeup and a dress – I even kept my shoes on. This was big time.

We had someone look after everyone’s children in our basement while the adults watched live theatre vignettes in our great room. Dave started off the night with kid-appropriate Shakespeare so the older kids could watch something before being banished to the basement. Our beautiful Twinkle started to beg to stay upstairs. As all parents know, vocal inflection and word choice in front of witnesses can be very different from our usual responses. I asked her politely to leave, she was equally polite in her decline. I stood taller, placed a hand on my hip and gave the look, the one all parents receive as their first gift/weapon from the universe when your child reaches the age of playful defiance. She stared for a moment, said FINE and walked down the stares.

The adults all burst into laughter at the power of my Mom stare, and I was able to continue on with the evening, fluttering about and socializing without making reference to Pixar characters or making good choices. After living as an almost vegetarian for a few weeks my alcohol tolerance resembled that of a thirteen-year-old sneaking a wine cooler, swallowing it in one gulp from fear, then forgetting how to find the floor whilst walking. One glass of wine to take the edge off before people showed up left me bubbly and talkative, completely without my usual social anxiety. The next day I realized that when social anxiety leaves it can be replaced with morning after rewinds, searching memories for evidence of doofus-like behaviors from the night before.

Our guests started to leave around 10pm, several of the children had fallen asleep, their tiny bodies transported carefully to cars warming in the driveway. We transported our own to their beds wordlessly, thankful that they played themselves into sound slumber.

A few people stayed late into the night, though, providing Dave and I the opportunity to pretend we can still hang with the young people of today, laughing and sharing stories until past 1 am.  When we finally fell into bed that night, exhausted and happy, I felt accomplished. I Threw a party that grown people enjoyed and did so while wearing a dress and keeping my shoes on – it was a first on so many levels.


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3 Responses to Momma Says Keep Your Shoes On

  1. Christina says:

    really? you kept them on till 1AM? sounds so uncomfy. 🙂

  2. lindadyer573 says:

    The party sounds like it was a blast. The power of your “look”: impressive! : )
    Also, a bubbly, talkative hostess sounds just perfect — I’m betting no evidence of doofus-ness turns up.
    Being a “shoe” person, I would still have mine on at 1:00, only happily so…

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