Pygmy Marmoset for the Win

I finished my intensive customer service training today. As part of our icebreaker we were asked five simple questions, the reasons why explained after we completed the exercise. The results were fun and hilarious, which makes me want to share them. Do you want to play along at home? It’s like an old Teen Magazine quiz of sorts, but I promise I won’t predict who you are going to marry by analyzing the results. Here is the quiz, my responses are included up front, but their meanings are revealed at the end.

1. Pick your favorite animal. List three of its characteristics.

Pygmy Marmoset — hidden, powerful sight, graceful

2. Pick the next animal that comes to your mind and list three of its characteristics.

Elephant — fluid, large, powerful

3. Pick your favorite color and list three of its characteristics

Pink — delicate, multifaceted, intense

4. Describe the color white in three words

all, bright, fresh

5. Describe the ocean in three words

expansive, regal, knowing

Did you play along? Write down your answers? Come on, it’s fun I swear. I’m like the overly enthusiastic camp counselor who promises you that the icebreaker game will change your outlook if you will just give it your all.

The answer to question 1, your favorite animal, reveals how you view yourself, meaning I am the smallest monkey in the world, hiding and watching, seeing everything. That part I get, I am a great observer of life. But as you may know from my blog post entitled Greased up Turtle in a Bathtub I don’t exactly have grace in my tool belt.

The answer to question 2, the next animal on your mind, reveals how others see you. I love this one. I am Sarah, mother of two, large and powerful yet fluid and adaptable to my situation. perhaps I just wish this is how the public perceives me, but I will take it either way.

The answer to question 3, your favorite color, reveals how you view life. I love this one, too, because there are no better words than intense, delicate and multifaceted for me to use when describing our existence on this earth.

The answer to question 4, describe the color white, is supposed to highlight how you view death, All, bright and fresh doesn’t really fit here for me, but perhaps your answers give you something to hold on to.

The last one made me laugh out loud and snort, requiring me to give my answers out loud to the class today. Your three words that describe the ocean are supposed to reflect how you view sex. Davey, if you are reading this that means that our “special time” is regal and expansive… Good job and kudos to you… See you tonight



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3 Responses to Pygmy Marmoset for the Win

  1. Carol says:

    Just did this… it is fun and you’d make a fine camp counsellor 😉

  2. lovely post sarah… about death, yes something for us all to remember… death can be a celebration, in the sense that we have to learn to detach from everything each day… everything is a gift to enjoy in each moment… and the spirit of everything never dies, just goes on into another realm or dimension… Barbara

  3. lindadyer573 says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience with the training exercise. Pygmy marmoset – too cute! I have previously done similar quizzes and was expecting the second animal to be what we thought of our significant other, rather than how others view us. Still I tried not to let my expectation influence my response, and went with the first animal that came to mind after I read the question. All of which might suggest I’m a closet introvert with an attitude: I chose turtle – quiet, can hide, and (as in Snapping Turtle) can bite. Hmmm…

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