I Didn’t mean YOUR Kitten, I Swear


I somehow convinced a room of people today that I don’t have sympathy for people when their cats die. Every time someone threw me a rope to clear up the situation I just used it to catapult into a deeper hole. This is why I should never be allowed to speak out loud and instead be given a paper and plenty of room for forethought. It was exceptionally embarrassing, especially considering this was part-one of a three-part, nine-hour series on providing exception customer service through exceptional communication skills.

I’m screwed.

Someone tried to make me feel better during a break by saying, “I bet you are a lot nicer than you are coming off in the class.” Happy Valentine’s Day friends, On this day of love I want to assure you that I love, not loathe your animal friends.


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8 Responses to I Didn’t mean YOUR Kitten, I Swear

  1. Jan says:

    That just doesn’t sound like you…AT ALL . Was something slipped in your coffee?

    • TT&NB says:

      What i said was, “if you miss a deadline i dont need to read seven paragraphs about it, be efficient in your communication and just say you have an emergency. I dont really need to know your cat died, or you feel sad, just tell me you have an emergency and give me your adjusted date for completion.” It sounded heartless, i just meant that your reason is valid, you dont have to tell me it for it to be true.

  2. jjriley2000 says:

    Did you say “I’m the only one allowed to be long winded around here”? Hahaha.

  3. lindadyer573 says:

    That was a funny post.
    Sometimes folks just need to lighten up. Sheesh.
    And thank you for loving, not loathing, my critters. That’s way above and beyond the call of duty. :)(Actually, they’re my college-student-daughter’s critters, and I’m not even sure I love them…)

    • TT&NB says:

      I honestly don’t enjoy cats very much, but I certainly don’t wish them harm!! Considering I am the person who breaths deep and assumes that every assh*ole who cuts me off in traffic has a laboring woman in the backseat and therefore doesn’t honk my horn I was just taken aback that this entire room of people could get a read on me that was so totally off from reality!

  4. Marcy says:

    Your explanation sounds perfectly reasonable, but I did laugh at that back-handed compliment that you were probably nicer than you were coming off in class–ouch! I got annoyed one time by a woman who was filling in at my school for a week who complained incessantly about the money and time her poor, sick cat needed. It had multiple surgeries. I asked her how old the poor thing was, and she said 17! Let the poor thing pass in peace, was what I felt, and I felt mean that I was so annoyed with her when she kept talking about it.

    • TT&NB says:

      I would have been annoyed, too, and unfortunately I would have said something about peaceful passing before I realized how rude it was. In my normal life I am often accused of being clueless… It isn’t that I’m clueless its just that I assume you realize how silly it is to give a 17 year old cat multiple surgeries to sustain its life. When our guinea pigs reach the blessed age of 7 I will prepare a beautiful pine box, not raise funds for miracle surgeries and cures.

      After bemoaning my new reputation as a heartless cat hater with my husband for a while I started to enjoy this new side of myself, For my entire life I have been perceived as the woman who would knit you socks when your feet are cold, wipe your snot when the bastard leaves you or clean your knee when you fall of your bike. Now I get to be Sarah, the cat hater, to a group of rowdy community college workers. Its like an alter ego of the weirdest variety.

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