Twinkle cried this morning and threatened to “wake up early, get dressed by herself, make her own breakfast and pack her lunch tomorrow” before I wake up because I told her that I didn’t have time to cut the edges of her lunch time love note into a cute shape due to her whining… if that’s a threat than I am doing something completely wrong in the parenting department.

Nearly every day I hide notes for the kids either in their lunches, on their pillows, in their boots, etc. They are all different and have a pun on them or a picture for Ninja since he can’t read yet. Sometimes its a bug and I write “It bugs me when I have to work and not play with you!” or a book and i write “The story of our life is awesome because you are my kid!” I usually preparing the notes the night before i lay them out. Last night I forgot so this morning I cut a plan heart out of construction paper and Twinkle cried and cried over that heart like I had ripped out her heart by not trying very hard.

I think I set myself up for this exaggerated disappointment of hers by being an overachiever, which has made me feel like a dejected failure all day, grumpy and irritable. What a silly reason for us both to have bad days.


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