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Liebster Award– I Finally Respond

Over the last two days I was being silly with Alien Aura about how if I ever reach 100 follows I would probably tinkle in my pants. She created an award for me, the incontinence award, now proudly displayed on … Continue reading

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Reverse Mommy Wars

I know reverse racism isn’t a thing, that phrase makes my skin crawl with all the implications of privilege it connotes, sitting there egging me on with its pretend realness. But I believe reverse mommy wars are real, and every … Continue reading

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I Wish it was the Truth

We don’t lie to our children, but when I asked our 39 pound six-year-old to give three vials of blood today I told her it wouldn’t hurt too much if she didn’t look at her arm. Perhaps my wishful thinking … Continue reading

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Beer Run

Saturday afternoon I ran as hard and as fast as I could until I wanted to vomit, held that pace until I wanted to pass out, then slowed down just enough and kept going until I ran out of time … Continue reading

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Pygmy Marmoset for the Win

I finished my intensive customer service training today. As part of our icebreaker we were asked five simple questions, the reasons why explained after we completed the exercise. The results were fun and hilarious, which makes me want to share … Continue reading

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Ninja Gives an Exclusive Interview

I am off work today, spending the morning leisurely sipping coffee and reading blogs, the afternoon at a history museum with the kids, the evening snuggling with Dave on an unusual evening off work. Ninja wanted to help with my … Continue reading

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Wedding Camp

Their Save the Date card was an invitation to attend camp, a wedding camp, on a remote peninsula in Washington State. The picture wasn’t posed, a result of a professional photographer creating a snapshot of time to encapsulate their engagement. … Continue reading

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Happy Cow

In a rage of preteen hormonal angst I swore off consuming the flesh of animals, screams of fairness and the interconnection of living beings matched by a silent acceptance from my mother and a gift of a vegetarian cookbook. She … Continue reading

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I Didn’t mean YOUR Kitten, I Swear

I somehow convinced a room of people today that I don’t have sympathy for people when their cats die. Every time someone threw me a rope to clear up the situation I just used it to catapult into a deeper … Continue reading

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Book Update

The first 100 pages of our story flowed like a torrent, unleashing a storm of catharsis. I didn’t write it in life’s actual order. On days where Dave was particularly kind I stole away and wrote of our early love. … Continue reading

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