Pneumonia knocked me out of the game for the last five days, leaving me a huddled mess of fever induced hallucinations, panic and helplessness. For the last several years one or both of my children have suffered through the throes of terrible bouts of pneumonia, and each year I begged the universe to show them mercy and throw me to the ground instead. This year my call was answered, and knowing now just how painful my little one’s journey to wellness was during the last few winters makes me feel incredibly grateful they escaped without major illness this year. At least so far.

My most interesting hallucination occurred on Monday evening. I was trying to explain to my children that my mother was truly an elf, as exhibited by her elf-like ear, and that we were all tasked with the responsibility to live up to our elf culture by being examples of kindness and love.  My children being of the age where elf lifestyles are intriguing and very much real, I have since had to grow this hallucination out into a part of our life. It helps that we really do have a genetic trait which gives us elfin points on our ears. Ninja was born without the point, however, so he is an “incognito ninja elf” that can send secret messages to the North Pole without being detected by other children.

True love takes on many forms as well, when we are too sick to care for ourselves. Dave literally held me up in the shower in a purely platonic way to help me get ready to return to work today. He performed the duties of a high-level shower bar/ballet bar, steadying my feet so I could wash without bending down. True love as selfless caretaker is a persona Dave wears well.


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One Response to Pnuemonia

  1. lindadyer573 says:

    Please take care of yourself and don’t overdo it until you’re fully restored to health, okay? (Incognito ninja elf… hmmmm.)

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