So Good to Me

There is something insanely gratifying about an unspoken agreement between Dave and I that in our family gifts of personal time and sacrifice are far more important than money. Last night, as I drifted off to sleep, Dave came into the bedroom to kiss my forehead and let me know that I would have a present in the morning. Was it a belated anniversary gift? A gift to celebrate it being Thursday? To say I love you? It was a gift to show that he doesn’t mind sharing my time with this blog, sharing what little time I have that is not dedicated to our children and my job to my passion. He made me my new masthead, which I love.

It feels so fitting that this is my 100th post here, a virtual claim post to show that I intend to stick around and see if I can increase my time here and through that my readership base. Thanks Davey, your gift of validation, of a virtual head nod to show your approval for the public sharing of our lives in this space, is cathartic and the kick in the pants I needed to try harder.

P.S. Authenticity requires me to tell you that between drafting this post and publishing it I acted like a terrible beast of a human towards Dave over his request for help during my lunch break. It seems my platitudes of gratitude are easier written than said, especially when I forget breakfast and cannot escape the office until after 1pm for lunch.


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3 Responses to So Good to Me

  1. Jan says:

    i like the new mast head very much!!! great job!!!!!

  2. lindadyer573 says:

    Well done, Dave! Couldn’t imagine a sweeter gift — shows so much appreciation of and support for “who” your partner in life really is.

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