When I was in the eighth grade I wrote an article for my soon to be high school paper about my oldest sister leaving for college. As a high school journalist herself they published the article as an homage to our family’s impending transition. Four years apart in age feels like a lifetime when you are fourteen, at thirty-something our life stages seem far more in sync.

When we visited her over the summer I mentioned to her how sad I was that she had given up writing, her talent was too real to lock away. The years of raising young children strip a lot away from parents, though, and it takes willful acts of adding to bring them back to the fold. I called her after our bipolar forum and told her I had started yet another new book, one I hoped to actually finish. She told me she decided to write again, too. I was ecstatic.

In December she finished her first novel, a paranormal romance. While I have been on a nearly strict reading diet of memoirs, biographies and history books for years to aid my own writing I was clawing at my seat to read her work. She asked me to edit her novel. It was amazing – I copy-edit for spare cash regularly yet I consistently found myself reading instead of editing her book. I felt transported into the fantasy world she created.

Meanmna, the first book of the Daearen Realms Series, is a young adult paranormal romance book. I am so proud of my sister for taking the leap and writing again, finishing her book, and putting it out there for the world to read. If you are interested in checking it out, you can get a free except from Amazon or purchase for $3.99.


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