Nine years ago today I stared at my reflection in the lid of my silver cigarette case turned wallet, adjusted my lipstick, and hopped off the L, walking to the first destination of the last first date of my life. Had I known then what I know now I would have paid more attention to the way the world looked, I would have searched for signs from the universe that shared intimacy far greater than my deepest imaginings was only two city blocks, a snow storm and a 10 hour first date away.

We celebrated over the weekend with dinner and a play. Our first date included the same essential elements, lasting until 3am and ending with a kiss so uncoordinated I fell into a newly formed snow drift. This time we drifted off into a peaceful and safe slumber by midnight. There is something so calming about that – we no longer need to shove everything into a single night of shared experience, we have forever for that.

Happy anniversary my love. If at the end of my life you and the kids can say unequivocally that I loved you completely than I know my life was well lived.


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2 Responses to Anniversary

  1. erinific says:

    Lovely post! Happy Anniversary!

  2. lindadyer573 says:

    Succinct, yet beautifully expressed.

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