Peace at School


Week two at a new school and Twinkle’s face is free of worry lines, her nights are free from nightmares and her mornings are free of dread. Removing her from her neighborhood school was an extremely hard decision, but the right one. She is so at peace. Ninja feels it is a great injustice that he has to wait to join the magical land of Waldorf education until the fall. He sees the pirate ship playground, the morning circle time and the exuberant happiness and wants to join the fray.  David and I have always felt like outliers in life and in parenting—the new school feels like a secret community of outliers.

Twinkle reports that her favorite part of her new school is that the other kids are like her. Considering I never felt similar to anyone in childhood, unless I was actively assimilating to become that I way, I loved that statement. Seeing the effects of bullying melt away and be replaced with ethereal lightness transformed me, too. I will always be a fierce advocate for my children, but perhaps for a while I can retract my claws, relax my shoulders and trust this new environment.


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