Resolutions Update 1

Its Time to Get Serious!

My goals are making me feel amazing. Where as my goals in 2013 were really about improving myself, remembering who I was as a person before marriage and children, this year I want to embrace how much I love my life as it stands now, today, surrounded by so much love. Just writing these two sentences brought tears to my eyes. To love and be loved well—such a simple sentence with such profound impact on my life.

I’ve given Ninja six love notes so far. He has tucked them all inside his pillow. When I drew pictures he asked for words, when I wrote words he asked for pictures. After the second day he requested that he receive a note every day. During our thankful prayer at dinner he now adds that he is thankful for written love. That boy slays me with his appreciation.

Twinkle has also received six love notes. She told me they embarrass her. She asked me to go back to sneaking in her room at night, touching her mommy button (belly button, the space our bodies were once connected) and telling her the things she did that day that made me proud. As much as I love to write out my confessions of love, the point was to share my love in a meaningful way with the people I care for most. As such I am honoring her request and the mommy button talks have returned to our nightly routine.

I have stopped everything that I am doing, grabbed Dave with both arms, told him I love him and appreciate everything he does for me and for our family, topping it off with a kiss with the passion of a newlywed at least once a day. This has made me realize that I already was doing this every day, but mind-fully doing it means something else entirely.

As for our book, I am staying at the office during my lunch breaks for a while and using that hour to write. My goal is to have a draft completed by the end of February. I think it is totally possible, and the last time I opened the manuscript I didn’t feel the urge to rewrite entire segments before I wrote something new, which felt like progress.

This year I am embracing love. The things I added back into life with my goals last year, the running four times a week and the reading every day, those get to stick around. But my goals focus on a new mindfulness word, Appreciation.


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