My 2013 resolution was simple, do more of what I love instead of resolving to do less of something. I wanted to add joy to life. Being me meant that I made a quantifiable metric of joy and measured my progress towards this resolution on a monthly basis based on six measurable indicators to ensure I was living up to my resolution. Slightly less than four hours before the clock struck midnight on New Years Eve I reached all quantifiable indicators. I reached my last milestone because I was in bed passing a kidney stone. The irony of that situation wasn’t lost on me.


My 2013 life of joy by numbers


50- Books I read

12- Dates I went on with my husband

6- Children’s parties I hosted at my home

7020- Minutes I spent exercising


I think I reached my goals because they were positive. I have never done well when things were taken away. In 2014 I want to continue the positive trajectory, adding more joy to life through conscientiously working towards things that are important to me. My goals for 2014 are:


  1. Write 150 blog posts
  2. Write Twinkle Toes 100 notes and sneak them into her backpack, lunch bag or gymnastics bag
  3. Draw Ninja Boy 100 picture notes and sneak them into his backpack, lunch bag or gymnastics bag
  4. Kiss Dave and tell him I love him and appreciate him every day
  5. Finish writing The Story of Us and give it a better title


My kids tend to roll their eyes at night and finish my sentence for me… “I know Mom; you are the luckiest mom in the world because the universe gave you me as your kid.” Perhaps if I write them notes I will come up with new material. My dear, sweet husband deserves to hear words of love and appreciation from me every day, too, not just words of reminders about trash cans needing to be emptied and counters needing to be scrubbed. As for the other two goals, those are strictly for me. I love to write and need to recommit to writing every day. I hope for your sake my writing gets more entertaining, though, my last few posts have been snoozers!



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3 Responses to Resolutions

  1. Janet says:

    I DISAGREE! I haven’t ‘snoozed’ through ANYTHING you’ve written! Keep up the good work, and my opinion is that you are right on target with ‘resolutions’ (I refuse to call them that). I think they should be more like ‘goals’ and positively oriented, for instance. I always have a list I work on, and if I can’t think of anything, I add, “Eat more apples!” That came after reading something about just how GOOD they really are for you! 🙂

  2. Maggie says:

    I love the idea of using your resolutions to add more of something than take something away. Such a great mindset! 🙂

    I remember totally being the eye-rolly “yeah yeah mom, you love us” kid. Keep being that mom!!!!! When they are adults and if they become parents themselves, they’ll understand and appreciate it 🙂

  3. Always a pleasure reading your blog so I am glad that you’ll be writing more!

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