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Resolution Update- January

Resolutions of addition are my thing. Last year I added running without guilt, reading for pleasure, dates with my husband and theme parties to my life and it was glorious. I took back some of what I felt the first … Continue reading

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Pneumonia knocked me out of the game for the last five days, leaving me a huddled mess of fever induced hallucinations, panic and helplessness. For the last several years one or both of my children have suffered through the throes … Continue reading

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Invitation to Normalcy

As a former smelly kid, someone abysmally terrible at making friends of my own accord until middle school, and then employing poor decision-making in order to obtain friends, I am always tuned in to the friendship tales of my children. … Continue reading

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So Good to Me

There is something insanely gratifying about an unspoken agreement between Dave and I that in our family gifts of personal time and sacrifice are far more important than money. Last night, as I drifted off to sleep, Dave came into … Continue reading

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When I was in the eighth grade I wrote an article for my soon to be high school paper about my oldest sister leaving for college. As a high school journalist herself they published the article as an homage to … Continue reading

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Nine years ago today I stared at my reflection in the lid of my silver cigarette case turned wallet, adjusted my lipstick, and hopped off the L, walking to the first destination of the last first date of my life. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Mom

When I moved 300 miles away from my parents fourteen years ago I wasn’t sure when or if I would return. I was itching for autonomy. Having completed the life phase where I decided my parents knew nothing and freshly … Continue reading

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M & M’s

Twinkle called M&M’s by their correct name last night, instead of LMN’s. This was quickly followed by Ninja choosing to put on his pajamas and laying out his clothes for the next day without my asking him to do so. Why … Continue reading

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Peace at School

Week two at a new school and Twinkle’s face is free of worry lines, her nights are free from nightmares and her mornings are free of dread. Removing her from her neighborhood school was an extremely hard decision, but the … Continue reading

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Resolutions Update 1

My goals are making me feel amazing. Where as my goals in 2013 were really about improving myself, remembering who I was as a person before marriage and children, this year I want to embrace how much I love my … Continue reading

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