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In yet another installment of “Someone signed me up to reenact The Book of Job without my consent”,  I am in the midst of my first ever kidney stone experience. I begged Dave to take the kids on a road … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we give the kids a gift from us parents as a way to help them feel OK about the whole naughty and nice list pressure cooker. Our kids should know that their names are etched in gold … Continue reading

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Greetings from the Abyss of Christmas

I haven’t meant to take a two-week vacation from my blog, life intervened without my consent. While our children have had the best December of their lives Dave and I have grappled with more than a few challenges far bigger … Continue reading

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From the age of 22 until age 27 I told people I was 27. I had a high-level, high-pressure job, a husband and child for most of those years and felt that 27 was a more socially accepted age at … Continue reading

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Teaching our Children about Nelson Mandela

When I snuck outside to see if I left my phone in the car I didn’t realize the news that was awaiting me when I found it. I swiped my news reader as I ran towards the house. Nelson Mandela … Continue reading

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It started the winter when the kids were 1.5 and 3.5 years old. I was working at a homeless service organization that worked with families. I met a woman, twelve years younger than me, with a son the exact age … Continue reading

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When Ninja sticks his tongue out while affixing one last set of sequins to a handmade ornament made special for his great grandma I see the power of replacing purchasing power with kindness. Every year the kids and I make a … Continue reading

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I had the most beautiful revelation this morning. If I died tomorrow I would be terribly sad that I did not have another moment with my children, but I have a great peace with my life now. In the end … Continue reading

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