Happy Thanksgiving

Having kids old enough to be awesome and get overtly excited about holidays added a whole new level of amazing to the festivities today, Sure, Ninja boy ran in circles of joy so fast he vomited, three times in fact, but it was more a vomit that happens when too much happiness is flowing, so it was almost expected in a way. Twinkle orchestrated an “around the world” presentation with singing, dancing and glitter flowers.

Today was my husband’s birthday. I meant to wake him up by telling him he gets hotter and hotter with age (he really does, trust me). Somehow my words got extremely twisted between my brain and my tongue and what I actually said was “It’s so nice that you grew into your wrinkles”. I tried to make it better by telling him that I meant it as a complement, that he was just growing into his face better, especially with his hairline changing. Don’t worry, I left my Wife of the Year award at the door.

It sounds like I am being sarcastic, but today truly was a day that was so joy-filled I rarely stopped smiling. Every side dish turned out perfectly. I use wine to cook the turkey, which was the perfect excuse to start drinking it at 9am. That did not really explain the need to open the second bottle, but oh well. As I brought everything out of the oven and to the table we realized the turkey wasn’t done, which was a minor set back. Everything still turned out delicious, though, once we were actually ready to eat it.

When I got a little full of myself, saying this was the first year that I didn’t mess up at least one of the dishes I made, Twinkle ran through and delicately reminded me by yelling out with the innocence of a perfect six-year-old, “the turkey wasn’t perfect, mom, it was pink, so that was the dish you forgot how to make.” Kids make every moment perfect, don’t they? I loved that, a quick reminder of my very human nature.

We have been talking all afternoon and into the night, listening to Christmas music and enjoying each other. Our tree is up, the children are asleep, the dishes are washed and the floor is cleaned. Tomorrow we will make our ornaments and decorate for Christmas. We may have some more too excited to hold it in vomiting, which I will take as a sign from the universe that I am doing mothering right. Perhaps we will have another couple of bottles of wine, too, just no additional comments about wrinkles. Turning 32 was hard enough on Davey, no need to mention his handsome forehead furrows.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I hope your day was full of so much love you too felt the need to expel turkey shaped glitter from your ears as your heart skipped a beat.

PS I am still a smidge drunk… can you tell 🙂


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One Response to Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Maggie says:

    There’s never a need for a second bottle of wine, other than … I want more wine. That’s always a good enough reason for me! 🙂

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