32- Happy Birthday Davey Pants

Happy Birthday Dear Davey Pants

Happy Birthday Dear Davey Pants

Dear Davey,

When we fell in love at 23 I had no idea how lucky I was – here I sit on the eve of your 32nd birthday and you are sexier than the first day I met you, smarter too, and when you tilt your head and give me a crooked smile I still go weak in the knees. Nine years in, after so many birthdays celebrated, and I still can’t believe how lucky I am that you are the guy I get to sleep next to every night, and most nights not go straight to sleeping.

This year was a mix of lovely and lousy, as are most years in a human life. but in the exact proportions necessary to remind both of us that even when faced with lousy circumstances, standing next to each other provides the perfect antidote for evil. Take one look to the left,  add one hand squeeze for good measure, and know that everything will be OK. You are it for me, babe, the answer to the question will always be to find Dave and kiss him, it will either raise your heart rate or lower it, whichever direction I need at the moment.

Your parenting is reason enough to wake up each morning — watching you speak to our children as rational equals to you fills me with joy matched only by the joy I feel when you give me your patented one dimple grin right before you kiss me on the bridge of my nose before I leave for work in the morning. I knew the day I met you that I wanted to raise children with you, I knew that before I knew I wanted to be your wife. Every day you prove that my instinct was right – our children’s biggest asset is having you as their father.

Happy Birthday Bug. You will always be enough, the antidote to a bad day, the answer to a riddle, the perfect love song, the best way to start the day and the very best possible view before I close my eyes at night. Thank you for giving everything you have to this family, to me and our children, for us you will always be the number one best dude on the planet.


Your Muffin



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