Loose Tooth Gratitude

My heart regained all its vesicles yesterday, each piece flooding back into its rightful position as each member of my family filled my arms in a tearful embrace. How does one ever get used to cleaving themselves into halves in the name of work and career, leaving one at home while the other searches for meaning tied to career?

I love my job and my first few days at this conference filled me with awe and wonder. I was like Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec, visiting only my first 56 favorite sites in Washington DC, keeping a photo journal of thumbs-up selfies to show the kids when I got home. Twinkle Toes cannot believe that the Dawnzer’s Lee Light song was written about a real banner, and that the banner still has stars spangling it, and that it still exists. She is going to put her hand over her heart when I take her there to see it this summer, she promises.

Yesterday, after biting into a Popsicle sent her into a spasm of pain, Twinkle opened up her mouth and revealed that her first grown-up tooth had sprouted behind a baby tooth. Convinced since last week that she was the only child left in grade one on the entire planet who did not have a single tooth that could wiggle even a little bit, she tentatively pushed at her baby tooth with her tongue and saw that it was ready to give way. She tested it, every 20 seconds or so, for the next few hours. I returned to my home just in time for this childhood right of passage.

I am thankful that my beautiful, thoughtful and very sensitive daughter did not realize she had a loose tooth until her Mommy was home to see her make the discovery. That small blessing was the biggest reminder that it isn’t so much cleaving that happens when I leave to storm the Hill, its more like separating high-force magnets… they are going to fight their way back to each other eventually. We just need to send silent prayers into the universe that the two sides reunite in time for Popsicle, loose teeth and the tooth fairy.


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