I am very nearly done with my long, long trip away from home and all I want to do is fly away and see my family. The first two days were awesome and wonderful and meaningful. The next two were insightful and interesting. Yesterday had great information and a couple of friends. Today? Today I just keep closing my eyes and imagining how awesome it will be to walk off the plane at 11:20 am and run into the arms of my husband right off the plane, grab his handsome face and kiss him until our kids call us gross. When I am gone a shorter period of time it’s the children I kiss first, but this time my soul aches for the familiar embrace of the love of my life with as much urgency as my heart aches for my children.

Its more than the cliche of absence making the heart grow fonder. My heart is always fond. Its that being apart for a day feels like freedom, but for a week feels like I am missing a rib. I can function without it, but I am not whole.

22 hours, 35 minutes to go. At least tonight there is an 80’s dance party


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2 Responses to Longing

  1. Jan says:

    Safe travels…I hope we can talk soon…

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