Thai Food and Toilet Paper Holders

I had authentic, delightful Thai food today while reading a deliciously pointless book. I am having a field day with expense-report lunches and dinners. So far I have had Ethiopian, Native American and Thai. There is something so 2005 about sitting in a restaurant, oblivious to the world, lost in a book and devouring amazing food.

From weeping at the power of monuments to evoke the emotional power of place yesterday to experiencing the freedom of returning to my youth through food, this week is already awesome.

I also called Dave from a statuary garden while snacking. He was at Home Depot purchasing materials to re-attach our toilet paper holder that fell off the wall last month. Twinkle was with him, and she read me an advertisement to let me know that Home Depot can come through for us if we have a home improvement need, we just need to call their number. This week is awesome, but the little reminders of what waits for me at home will always sing the loudest.



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