Holy Place

Today I spent my first day of a seven-day business trip in Washington DC completely enamored  by the power of this place. My earliest writings depicted my desire to by president some day. I won an essay contest at age eight writing about the power of civil disobedience, too. I am in DC for work that begins in earnest tomorrow, so today I spent hours going to all the places that pull my heart towards public service.

I cried at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial. I knelt in front of Martin Luther King Jr.’s new memorial and wept while I prayed. I circled the Korean War memorial twice, offering prayers of thanksgiving that my grandfather was a war hero, not a casualty of war. I spent time at the WWII monument, thanking the universe that Dave’s maternal grandfather was a  Jewish man who made it to America.  Today felt like a pilgrimage of thanks that I was meant to take, a day of clarifying and cleansing gratitude. Everywhere I turned I wept, and my favorite hymn played on repeat in my head.

When our heart is in a holy place

When our heart is in a holy place
We are blessed with love and amazing grace
When our heart is in a holy place

1. When we trust the wisdom in each of us
Every color every creed and kind
And we see our faces in each other’s eyes
Then our heart is in a holy place

2. When we tell our story from deep inside  And we listen with a loving mind
And we hear our voices in each other’s words
Then our heart is in a holy place

3. When we share the silence of sacred space
And the God of hearts stirs within
And we feel the power of each other’s faith
Then our heart is in a holy place

Some day when I learn how to upload photos from my phone I will share my photos of this amazing monument

Some day when I learn how to upload photos from my phone I will share my photos of this amazing monument


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One Response to Holy Place

  1. Jan says:

    Wonderful article. This is going to be a week of wonderful experiences.

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