Halloween and A post A Day

I am going to try to post every day in November. It is my second favorite month, hosts my favorite holiday and houses the date of my beloved’s birth, so I should have plenty of material.

Now for the fun, Halloween!

Last night was the worst Halloween weather imaginable, torrential rains and winds, cold, miserable. My kids have this amazing ability to turn every day, every single one, into a lesson of gratitude. We spent the dinner hour with my parents, eating yummy food and talking about our days. The value of family dinners spent together, around a table and full of discussion, was ingrained in me from birth. We do this every night with our own children now, and about twice a month with my parents as well. Inter-generational dinner talk complete with prayers of thanksgiving and giggles? If you pricked my skin with a fork love could have spilled from my pores.

My sister and her family came over for the trick or treating part of the evening. Squishing the cheeks of gorgeous fat babies is sort of my favorite thing to do, so that added a layer of awesome to the festivities. My Godson was there, too, and he is at the perfect age of trickery. When he put on a skeleton shirt I cowered away and yelled out for my godson to return and protect me. He ran over and laughed his head off, explaining that it was him in a costume. I fell in love with his sweet cheeks all over again in that moment.

Trick or Treating in a downpour with four small children in costumes that drag when wet went just about as good as you can imagine. I am choosing not to focus on that part. After going up and down 2 sides of 2 blocks my brilliant daughter announced, “we should just go home, put on pajamas and watch Ghost Busters.” And so we did.

To cap off this perfect evening, my beautiful, tired son crawled into my lap during his breathing treatment, rested his gorgeous head on my shoulder, sighed a contented sigh and fell asleep. As he is a big and important four-year-old very rarely do I get the honor of holding on to his sweet head as he drifts into sleepy time.


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2 Responses to Halloween and A post A Day

  1. Jan says:

    A lovely “extended” family ..enjoying a lovely evening…no matter the weather!!!!

  2. Louise says:

    I love Ghostbusters – can’t wait to share it with my kids. On our end Trick or Treating was pretty in eventful too – my eldest was more interested in taking a bath. We hit about 7 houses before calling it a night 🙂

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