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Happy Thanksgiving

Having kids old enough to be awesome and get overtly excited about holidays added a whole new level of amazing to the festivities today, Sure, Ninja boy ran in circles of joy so fast he vomited, three times in fact, but … Continue reading

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Musings of a Dancing Wino

I love Thanksgiving! I gave you all a Thanksgiving repost earlier this week because I didn’t want to spoil my real Thanksgiving post, a post I wrote for Arden over at Musing of a Dancing Wino . Go over to her … Continue reading

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32- Happy Birthday Davey Pants

Dear Davey, When we fell in love at 23 I had no idea how lucky I was – here I sit on the eve of your 32nd birthday and you are sexier than the first day I met you, smarter … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2010 Repost

Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday. I wanted to share an awesome story about today, but realized it would make no sense unless you knew why I love this holiday so much. To paint that picture here is a post I … Continue reading

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I have only had a few hours to work on my book so far, but I have written a prologue and the first chapter. I wanted to share a couple of paragraphs from the prologue here, as I haven’t had … Continue reading

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The Story of Us

I started writing a new book today. While I have two nearly complete novels and one half-finished memoir that need my attention, this weekend something opened in my heart that redirected my writing pursuits. After our bipolar talk on Sunday … Continue reading

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Deflated Balloon Yields Inflated Hope

According to my most recent scan my tumor looks like a deflated balloon. No surgery required. No time to wax poetic about this, I am spectating my amazing children’s gymnastics classes. I do think I now have a fourth favorite … Continue reading

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Time and Math Calculations

Time and Math calculations simultaneously calm and terrify me. Whenever I feel like life has thrown me an awful turn I calculate just how short a certain stage of my life will be to make me feel better. I only … Continue reading

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Hi New Readers! Many of you are here for the first time because you were referred to a post related to bipolar disorder. Welcome! In order to make your reading journey easier, I have categorized this post as “bipolar”. By … Continue reading

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Bipolar Forum

We expected eight people, an intimate circle of souls listening to our bipolar story and sharing their own, at our forum on living with bipolar disorder. After spending years hearing people tell us our lives would be easier if we … Continue reading

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