We met with the school yesterday. From the look on Twinkle’s teacher’s face I believe 100% that she had no idea how awful things have been for Twinkle at school. Almost all of the bullying happened at lunch and recess. Today the three kids responsible for the most damage will be reprimanded, the lunch helpers will be requested to pay attention and prevent the issue from recurring and Twinkle will have a one on one talk with her teacher to make sure she knows she can ALWAYS tell if someone is hurting her. Overall I feel so much better about the situation. We are still going to look into alternative schools, but I feel like things will probably get a smidgen better for now.

According to standardized testing Twinkle is scoring around 3rd/4th grade level for every subject already. According to her teacher her computer-generated target numbers to reach by year-end are higher than she (the teacher) has ever seen a child reach in first grade, so we should not be disappointed if she doesn’t hit them. Considering Twinkle is 6 years old and two months into first grade I would be OK with her scoring lower at the end of the year than she did at the beginning. 

So our debate rages on – is it more important to push her to excel academically and continue out-clipping everyone around her at the expense of her finding social peers, or should we put her into an art and experiential school where she will not be as academically challenged  but will experience different sorts of activities with people more aligned to her personality. If she continues to get harassed then our answer is made for us, we will move her to either the Waldorf or Montessori school. If her social experience gets better, then we have to make a judgement call that neither one of us feel prepared to make.

What would you do? What have you done? 


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3 Responses to Resolutions

  1. Ellis says:

    I highly recommend Montessori over Waldorf. The emphasis is much more on academics.But check out the actual classrooms and make sure her actual teacher is using Montessori methods–some teachers take shortcuts and have the kids just doing the same worksheets as regular schools. A Montessori school with a good teacher will let her be academically challenged but still develop social skills with kids roughly her age. I don’t recommend having her skip grades–the kids I know who skipped were bullied even harder. Also, it’s Halloween and I keep typing Monsterssori, 🙂

    • TT&NB says:

      thanks for the information! The local Montessori is pretty awful, actually, so we found one a bit further away to check out. We also have an interview set up with the Waldorf school in a week, so hopefully we can determine if either is a good place for her. Pretty much the only thing Dave and I do agree on throughout all of this is that she is too emotionally young to skip grades.

      • Vicki Chetcuti says:

        I agree that you should not have her skip grades. There are other ways to challenge her. I say listen to her when you are making a decision. What is it that she would like to do? Even in grade 1, I think a child is capable of having an opinion about this, especially your child.

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