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We met with the school yesterday. From the look on Twinkle’s teacher’s face I believe 100% that she had no idea how awful things have been for Twinkle at school. Almost all of the bullying happened at lunch and recess. … Continue reading

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Green Bean Girl

Twinkle is getting bullied at school. Someone decided she was a “weirdo” because she chose green beans instead of French fries with her hot lunch. For the last several school days the bully has coerced everyone else in her class … Continue reading

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Freedom Friday- Sore Loser

Freedom Friday– every [ok, not really every lately] Friday I free myself from a burden, either an old embarrassing story, a secret phobia, a lie I told and got away with, a fear I can’t win, or something else to … Continue reading

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Marigolds and Memories

She is a widow, now, with a two-month-old baby and a lifetime left to live. I keep going to their fundraising page and assessing by the hour what she can cross off her list. Good, now her baby can get … Continue reading

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Body Rebellion

My knee popped as I tried to maneuver my body off the floor, my neck cracked loudly enough to be heard across the room. I grabbed my lower back and smiled ruefully when Dave looked over and asked, his left … Continue reading

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Death at 33

An acquaintance of mine from high school just announced that her 33-year-old husband of 2 years and the father of her infant girl is dying from colon cancer. He was transferred to hospice care today. At age 30 she will … Continue reading

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Femurs and Fear

As I drove down the Palatine road, through the forest preserve alive with the colors of fall, I would fantasize about a giant deer prancing out of the woods, running into my car and causing a serious accident. I didn’t … Continue reading

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My husband is the brilliant DB Schroeder Have you ever known in your gut that if other people could see things the way you see them then your whole life would make more sense? My husband is brilliant – the … Continue reading

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Terrifying Honesty

“We can’t have it both ways. You can chase me away or you can put on a pretty dress. But you can’t put on a pretty dress to come down here and chase me away.” –  Matt from Lanford Wilson’s … Continue reading

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In Sickness we see Love

Wrapped in my arms, burrowed between three blankets, two pillows and three snuggy animals, my baby felt limp in my arms. I hate seeing him like this, chest rattling, eyes gooping and ears ringing, but I also secretly love when he … Continue reading

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