When performing an arabesque, your foot firmly planted not on ground but on a sedimentary rock showing the signs of thousands of past bumps and pressure cookers, is it best to close your eyes and lean in, concentrating on your balance, or instead to recount how to fall with grace?

Etosha Salt Pan [Explored, best position #2] By michaelbaynes87

Etosha Salt Pan [Explored, best position #2] By michaelbaynes87

We filled our weekend with friends, togetherness and family time. With husband’s rebounding of his last depression tenuous but palpable, I think it served us well to reaffirm the amazing, positive forces in our lives. Saturday, while Not-Kirk worked his theatre magic and filling the need for creation living in his soul, the kids and I spent a few lovely hours with great friends. After a couple of hours of downtime our family was invited over to the S-Force household (here is a link to a post about their awesomeness  All of the parents attempted to channel our inner 22-year-old with karaoke (and a touch of alcohol), which led me to shed my Pollyanna veneer and led all of us to rock out without regard to proper etiquette.

Sunday we honored the changing of the seasons. As Unitarian Universalists we believe all living things are connected and we revere nature. After church we took a serious look at all the changing nature in our own yard and collected examples of flowers, leaf and berries. We returned to the kitchen and made environmental prints in handmade dough. We then spent a couple hours harvesting rocks from our yard, coating them with sparkles and metallic paint so as to attract fairies to our yard.

Throughout the weekend I could see husband’s soulfulness return to his body, I could see the subtle shifts of behavior, some willed and some natural. I saw him gracefully regain his balance, letting go of his hurt in favor of a better truth – In the truth of an evening spent laughing with friends and in the truth of an afternoon joining your kids to coat your kitchen with nature and flour to capture the fluidity of earth and life seasons.


I am hopeful that our lives will return to a place where I can return to posting happy truisms from the kids and embarrassing anecdotes about myself soon. In the interim, thanks for hanging on and continuing to read.


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2 Responses to Arabesque

  1. Maggie says:

    If I’ve learned anything about ballet, you should focus on balance, but if you must fall, fall gracefully. And then get back up … gracefully. Ballerinas are just so dang graceful.

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