Broken Wing

Image curtesy of coward_lion/

Image curtesy of coward_lion/

There were these two love birds who lived in the Lincoln Park Zoo. One of the birds must have been rescued – his flying wasn’t quit level and rarely took him in a straight line to his destination. Love birds mate for life, though, and his partner was with him in the bird sanctuary. You could tell the injured bird didnt want anyone to know its ailments, so his partner flew near him, never quite in a straight line either, helping to mask his insecurities.

I think it was hard for her to constantly change streams, but her partner needed her. When her mate had better days she flew straighter and stronger, too, freed through her happiness at seeing his success. But on the bad days, when you watched her struggle to blur the lines of normal, she remained ever vigilant.

I wonder if she communicated to the other birds. If we could translate the moment into a storybook where they learned to speak in empathatic platitudes of strength and understanding, what would happen? Would she ask the other birds to cheer her on as she swerved to protect his difference from showing? Would she ask them to swerve and tilt, too, to make him feel less alone? Or would she say nothing, continuing to be his support system in an us vs. them mentality?


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