No Wars Except Star Wars- Unitarian Universalism as seen by Twinkle and Ninja

I love being a Unitarian Universalist, and love how my children feel about their spiritual journey. In honor of homecoming Sunday yesterday (many UU’s take the summer off going to their regular congregation in favor of communing with nature, experiencing other traditions and sanctuaries, etc.) here are some of the best things our kids have said about our beloved community.

The symbol of our faith

The symbol of our faith

Twinkle explaining what God is:

“God is a word that means the best part of yourself. Everyone has God in them, even the animals and nature and humans, too. I think that Jesus was really good at listening to the best part of himself, so was Moses and Thomas Edison and Ariel [Little Mermaid] so that’s why some people like to be like those people because they were better at letting their God part show”

Ninja, explaining the 7 principles of Unitarian Universalism:

“One – each person is important – even people who smell funny or are mean to you they matter. Two – Be kind in all you do. Kindness rules! I should be nice to my sister. Three – we are free, to learn together so we go to church school and regular school, too. Four – and Search for what is true. We need to find the right answers. Five – all people need a vote. Mommy, you vote Obama. Six  – build a fair and peaceful world. We should have no fights and no wars except Star Wars. Seven – be kind to earth’s life boat. We only get one earth you know, that’s why.”

Twinkle explaining our chalice lighting song – Chalice Chalice Burning Bright, Help Remind us with your light, How we like to live each day, with love and truth helping lead the way.

“Mom, I think the song is about a bunch of people who want to go to war. They want to fight and they want to hurt people. But then they light the chalice and they see its flame and they decide not to go to war. They make a better choice, Mom, because they remember what the Chalice means.”

Ninja on holding hands and praying together before we eat:

“God lives in all of us so he already knows this stuff. We say it out loud so Mom and Dad know it, too.”

Twinkle on making jam:

“God is part of everything, even nature. I think God cries when we pick fruit cause it feels like when someone pinches my arm. We shouldn’t hurt God like that, mom.”

Ninja on kindness

“Being kind makes our hearts grow, you know, so that helps us get bigger and I want to be as big as Daddy some day so I better keep being kind.”

Conclusion – My kids are not only awesome, but awesome at being Unitarian Universalists.


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2 Responses to No Wars Except Star Wars- Unitarian Universalism as seen by Twinkle and Ninja

  1. Janice Gray says:

    Oh my…I laughed & I cried….this was great!!!

  2. Jan says:

    Star Wars only…love it!!!

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