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Obamacare Soapbox Status- Activated

I am about to dust off my soapbox, the one I try to keep away from this blog in favor of stories about the ultimate truth as seen by my children. With a government shutdown looming in the US over … Continue reading

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When performing an arabesque, your foot firmly planted not on ground but on a sedimentary rock showing the signs of thousands of past bumps and pressure cookers, is it best to close your eyes and lean in, concentrating on your … Continue reading

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We Win

Witnessing the dismantling of a bipolar episode defies the laws of human behavior. I watch as my husband returns to himself, picturing the farmer scene from Men In Black, where the alien takes the skin of the farmer. He looks … Continue reading

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I Quit

In the aftermath of Not-Kirk’s latest illness I reevaluated my choices. In the middle of his illness I was so caught up in commitments that I started to feel like I was failing at everything. Turns out I was failing … Continue reading

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Insert Mountain Metaphor… Here

In the beginning of this blog I asked my husband if I could talk about his bipolar disorder with my readers. He agreed, but prefers I stop myself when things are rough and instead make hindsight posts. In respect and love … Continue reading

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Broken Wing

There were these two love birds who lived in the Lincoln Park Zoo. One of the birds must have been rescued – his flying wasn’t quit level and rarely took him in a straight line to his destination. Love birds mate … Continue reading

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What Kind of Chef are you? Weirdo!

Nipples, lacy panties and hungry eyes flashed across the screen to the sweet sound of fulfilling desires. As the screen heated up beyond 11, I heard someone walking up the stairs. Like a tween girl caught red-handed reading her parent’s … Continue reading

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No Wars Except Star Wars- Unitarian Universalism as seen by Twinkle and Ninja

I love being a Unitarian Universalist, and love how my children feel about their spiritual journey. In honor of homecoming Sunday yesterday (many UU’s take the summer off going to their regular congregation in favor of communing with nature, experiencing other … Continue reading

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Freedom Friday- Love me Darn It

Freedom Friday– every Friday I free myself from a burden, either an old embarrassing story, a secret phobia, a lie I told and got away with, a fear I can’t win, or something else to be determined. I want to … Continue reading

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Why I Fear First Grade

From my first day of preschool when I wore a plaid jumper with a delightful Scottie-dog emblazoned on the bib to my last day of being an undergraduate, I loved school. I love the way pink erasers smell fresh out … Continue reading

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