Cycle Sisters

I made a new friend earlier this year, a lady with three awesome kids that my kids love and a husband that my husband likes to hang with, yielding a get-together nearly every weekend. Ladies, you know what happens when a new female enters our life and carves out a corner of our heart, right? Life gets better and Rah Rah Sisterhood cheers abound, but also? Period synching. That delightful period of time when your body shows you the importance of your new relationship by shortening or lengthening your cycle until you share the same four to seven days of uterine contraction and expulsion with your new compatriot.

I imagine that, evolutionarily speaking, our cycles did this so that the cavemen could all leave for their monthly hunting excursions together, far away from the hormones. They would remove themselves from the illogical emotional jumps their loves would make, not being present to hear that the fire not being stoked enough obviously means there is another, younger cavewoman stealing affections. But what about the bears, men, did you forget about animals being attracted to the smell of blood? Would cavemen really leave their clan of bleeding females together to chant to the moon while craving smoke-cured meats and vowing to find a cure for the ailments of their community while simultaneously increasing human kindness? I think the answer is yes, yes they would like to plan a four-day hunting trip to escape. They needed to protect the mystique of femininity, right?

Obviously I am a writer, not an anthropologist or biologist, but when I am in the midst of crying because the dishwasher was loaded wrong, which obviously means my kids will contract salmonella poisoning and die while looking pitifully at me and questioning my ability to mother effectively, It helps me to picture the brave cave women and their cowering men.

Sometimes, though, I think the universe is sending us a message on a greater scale through period synching. I was more than content just having a mom friend who lived less than 10 minutes away, had kids my kids age that engaged well together and had a husband my husband could bond with- that is the dream, isn’t it? But she and I, we actually really like each other and get along on a higher plane than just being tangential friends through our families. And then she gave me the best gift of all.

My parents picked up the kids last Friday afternoon, and my husband and I had an awesome night alone. We enjoyed being alone in the way only parents with young children who are not always reliable sleepers can enjoy it [insert comforting euphemism for wild night of fun here]. The next morning I started my period, a period that will end exactly one day before we embark on a 20 hour car ride to Disney world.

My new friend gave me the gift of the perfectly timed period. And that, my friends, is probably the universe’s way of telling me that we are on the way to becoming BFFLs. It was the greatest gift of all, one that I will think of fondly as I am not searching for a bathroom while waiting in line to meet the Mouse himself.


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23 Responses to Cycle Sisters

  1. Okay I laughed out loud on this one!

  2. hehehe, I’m wondering if its really possible- because my college room-mate and I share the cycle as well and the air is filled with groans and complaining about the pains of being women..

  3. so true.. maybe it’s to reinforce the bonds of women

  4. rachelynne says:

    One of the few perks of period syncing! I just loved this post =)

    • TT&NB says:

      Thanks! This is the first time in my life the period sync made a positive impact instead of pushing me into sweatpants on a day of extreme importance lol

  5. mamarific says:

    The gift of a perfectly timed period…amen! I wrote about lady business this week, too. The guys, if any are brave enough to read, will be hating it 🙂

    • TT&NB says:

      Haha! This is my first blog post that made my husband laugh out loud, but most men would probably stop after the third sentance. Can’t wait to leave work so I can read your post!

  6. zoe says:

    wow…I always thought that was a myth…the perfect timing not the synching….

  7. I have to say now that I’m peri-menopausal (and not enjoying it. at. all.) I might actually miss my period. Especially the synching up thing. *weep*

  8. penneyfox says:

    I’m with Renee and moving into the peri-meno stage and this part sucks even more than just getting your monthly visit from Aunt Flow. I’m no longer having periods so I’m missing out on the fun-friend-synch-up thing but still have the emotions and desire to eat everything in sight.

    AND enjoy your time in Orlando!!! I live here in mouse-world so enjoy our city and your trip into our fantasy world 🙂

  9. outlawmama says:

    I wish someone would have synched my period BEFORE I went to BlogHer. Won’t go into detail, but I am loving this post! Congrats on the friendship and the cycle.

    • TT&NB says:

      Thank you! When I was first telling my husband what an awesome gift a perfectly times weird is he looked at me like I had three heads. You ladies get it, though, and make me feel a little less crazy 😉

  10. TinaBeana says:

    Wow, I am amazed. My theory is that women evolved to the same cycle so that mankind would survive. Imagine if women weren’t on the same cycle in the tribe, so there was someone PMSing at all times…oh my! Love the post 🙂

  11. mistyslaws says:

    Ha! Yep, it’s destiny. Hold on to her and never let go. She is your soul sister! 😉

  12. I loved this! Being on a roller derby team, I am so used to the syncing. This happened to me and my best friends on the team. I think at one point, our whole team got them at the same time. I love this gift and I’m so jealous of a friend whose husband your husband likes and kids that get along with your kids!!

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