Belief Suspenders

We are heading off to Disney World next week. A few weeks ago my daughter confided in me that she knew the characters were just people in costumes. She is wise beyond her years, so I went into a thorough explanation of what the suspension of disbelief is and how we can use that at Disney World to have the best time ever. Fast forward to last night—We were finalizing some plans for the trip and Twinkle informed me that she would wear her “suspenders of belief” to make the trip extra awesome.

I wish those were real. Instead of telling myself to put on my big girl panties and deal with issues as they arise it would be so sweet to throw on a literal (or metaphorical I guess) pair of suspenders and see the world as I want it, experiencing it at full joy without wondering what was behind the curtain, what is real and what is a mask.

I was blessed with the superpower of oblivion as a child, always assuming people thought I was great until they told me otherwise. I still assume that all bad drivers have a pregnant woman laboring in their backseat, and will therefore not use my horn. I imagine that everyone who acts like a brat has a sick pet at home and everyone who acts miserable is missing a lost lover. I make up scenarios to explain away poor behavioral choices, which lets me bypass having a negative reaction in the moment.

I hope Twinkle and Ninja will wear their suspenders to feel like they are meeting the one and only true Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck It Ralph. I hope they will see the stuff of Disney as only a part of the trip, valuing the time with their parents and grandparents as much as their time with the big mouse. I hope I will wear mine to see only the joy the kids have at spending five days in Disney World, instead of constantly thinking about the year it took to save up for the trip. Not-Kirk? I think his suspenders will shield him from the crowds that would normally send him home in a panic.

Belief suspenders, I think we all need a pair.


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