Wacky Wednesday- Typical College Weekend in 2004

I am going to leave the typos, and the terrible choices, alive and well in this entry from 2004. It makes me smile, actually, to think about how damn lucky I was to have this crazy bunch of friends, and also that nothing terrible happened to me when I was in college. The typos are pretty terrible, though, It reads as if I was too busy bragging about myself to slow down and proof read. Which is probably the truth. The TLDR version? I went partying several nights in a row, met a guy who promised to get me into a Britney Spears concert, fell for it (and him) and then continued to drink heavily. Oh, college life, my liver couldn’t have possibly taken another year of you.


Pre- Information:  This weekend i had so much real stuff to do, but J [bestie since 2nd grade] was coming into town so i blew everything off but her… SOOO, believe it or not the weekend was so amazing i dont even mind being chained to the library for the next two weeks.

THURSDAY:  I leave My job around 1:45 to go to Union station and get J.  I study while there for a giant test i have Friday morning.  Her train is delayed until 4:30pm, so i get all the studying i need to done.  We miss eachother in the station, and it takes until 5:30 to find eachother.  We leave, and i get a VM from a woman i babysit for asking me to come in that night.  I am always her backup, but she usually does not need anyone.  It kindof sucks, but wehatever, we go and watch kiddies for a couple hours.  We then go back to my place, Julia drops off her stuff, and we go to Fiest Mexicana for dinner and margaritas.  One margarita and i am feeling it, which was nice.  We caught up on life, and then went back to my place.

FRIDAY: We woke up in the morning, and i went to take my test. It was mega hard, and i wasn’t feeling very confident about it, so we decided to go shopping (my version= payless and walgreens) for stuff to wear that night to make ourselves feel good.  I bought these really hot pink shoes, matching purse, earrings and necklace from Payless for like $30.  I figure, i wont wear pink shoes that often, so why make them expensive?  We pick up food, go back to my place, and spend like 2 hours getting ready.  I really wanted to feel sexy, as i was having a bad day because of my test.  We picked up CWIT (cunt whore in training) on the L and went to Pick Me Up for dinner.  After dinner we sat at Bar Louie for a while, leasurly sipping martinis before the comedy show at Improv Olympic.  It was nice, we had greatconversation.

We get to Improv and the show was AWESOME!!  I laughed so hard i cried, and J really liked it so i was happy.  After the show we were supposed to meet Girl 1, Boy 1, and Girl 2 at Hi-Tops to start the bar portion of the evening.  CWIT was leaving then to do some homework.  We all eventually meet up at Barley Corn because the cover for Hi-Tops was outrageous.  We go to the dance floor and rock out for a couple hours.  By now its only mid night, so the night was long already.  We are having a really good time, and everyone is getting along and dancing and everything.  Boy 1 and Girl 2 decide to leave, so we all decide to leave and go to Tequilla Roadhouse.

Once outside there was a freak burst of lightning, followed by a storm.  We were waiting for Girl 3 outside the bar, but she called and decided to just head home.  Girl 1 called her friend Boy 2 and he said he was on the way there, and to wait for him because he would give us a ride.  He got there, we jumped in, and changed our mids again.  We desided to go to Clark and Division, as we hadnt been there in a long time and Its really touristy, which would be fun for J.

We decide to go to Bootleggers, and soon after we sit down a group of guys start talking to us.  The one i was talking to told me he was the tour bus driver for the opening act in the Britney Spears show, and the other guys were the band.  I didn’t really believe them because its a bar, and people lie at bars.  BUT the drinks were flowing freely so we went along with it.  At last call the guy i was talking to Corey, invited me and my friends to go back to the tour bus with him and the band.  We accept, and finally realize that they aren’t shitting us, they are really part of this huge national tour.  AWESOME!!!  Its weird to wake up when you are still a little tipsy from the night before (we had only left the bar 5 hours before) and not know if you are really sleeping or awake.

Corey was so nice, he gives me lots of cash to make it home, and we all cab it home, which is a lot les embarrasing than wearing bar clothes in the morning on the L (walk of shame, anyone?).  So we get home and i pass out for a couple hours, and i don’t really count Saturday as starting till i wake up for the day, which is around noon.

SATURDAY: Corey calls me and wants to know if he can come out iwth us again.  I agree and he meets us out at Butch McGuires later than evening.  He paid for everything, and it was really nice.  He didnt stop at paying for me, but my friends as well.  At this time it is just he, J, and I.  We decide to leave and go visit Girl 1 for a bit.  We get to her place and convince her to go out with us.  We all leave her place and go to Mothers, Too, which is around the corner.  The music was totally rocking!  It was like, flash back to eighth through tenth grade, with NO booty music, which was awesome.  I especially liked it because J listens to Booty music all the time, and it had been blaring on my radio all day.

I forgot, Corey bought me Yellow Roses, which was so sweet!  Also, when we were at the first bar he tells me i have a beautiful necklace on.  I blushed and say $3 at Rave, or something to that effect.  He then replys that he knows what would go with it perfectly, and pulls a gorgeous bracelet out of his pocket for me!!  Rock out dude, i was stoked!  I had told him the night before that i was not into one night things, and that even if i was i am taking a six month hiatus from all “activity” to gain better perspective.  SO with the presents i was lkike, WTF?!?  i didnt want to lead him on, so i just told him, again, that i was looking for friendship.  He gave me this stern look and said, “I’m not after sex with you.  You are one of the most amazing women i have ever met.  When you walk into a room you exude so much confidence it automatically makes you the most attractive person there.” i know portions of that were a line, but whatever, it was a great compliment and i took the good parts to heart and felt it was ok to take the bracelet. [2013 side bar- please tell me I wasn’t the most naive 22 year old ever, ok? commiserate in the comments, tell me a terrible line that you feel for!]

We end up at Mothers, and anyone who klnows stories from the past may remember that that is not a place i ever thought i would go to again.  Under the circumstances, however, it seemed ok.  So we go there, sing some koaroke, dance A LOT and have a blast.  Corey then tells me he can get me backstage to any show that he works on, and that he is driving the Dupry show and the warped tour within the coming months.  He makes it completely clear that if i accept tickets and passes i am not obligated to anything other than friendship, so again i accept.  It was awesome!  I have never felt so wanted in a long time.

I should mention that throughout this story the other girls had gentlemen to talk to, so i wasn’r ditching them by any means.

SUNDAY: we wake up and I take J to the train.  It was really sad because i know i will probably not see her again for six months or so.  After i got home i crashed hard-core, and slept basically from 5pm to this morning, with a slight wake-up around 10pm.

My weekend rocked!  PLUS i have no more tests or papers till finals week, which is nice, and i finish amy internship tomorrow, which will be womderful.  Life is great, and i am really happy!


back to 2013-

I spoke to this guy 4 or 5 times in the next month, then never heard from him again. I am still friends with almost everyone from this story, and they love to remind me that once upon a time I was the wild and crazy one ready to make bad choices and force them into playing along.

I love this story because I clearly remember that weekend, remember how it felt to just wander to 8 different bars over three days and think that was normal. I remember honestly believing people when they fed me obvious lines- I remember blushing at moments that would make me want to vomit, now, if they happened to someone with me. I sort of miss being the kind of person who believed everything everyone told me, life was so much simpler back then, except for the massive hang overs I suffered through every weekend. Every time I read something from 2004 I find it crazy hard to believe that I was married the next year… what a swift transition.


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One Response to Wacky Wednesday- Typical College Weekend in 2004

  1. Maggie says:

    I am so glad we had such a crazy fun time in college. And that we’re still friends 🙂 And can look back fondly on weekends like this.

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