Wacky Wednesday

On Wednesdays I am going to dig through my old blogs and journals and find the most ridiculous posts possible and reshare them here. Today’s post is a real gem from when Ninja Boy was 6 weeks old and Twinkle Toes had just turned 2. It is an embarrassing doozy of a post, but I am proud to say we all “adapted” well.


I remember when the zebra mussel was first introduced into the great lakes water system. It threw off the balance of nature. organisms had to adapt, food chains were permanently altered, life as the great lakes knew it was permanently, irrevocably changed. some organisms flourished, others vanished.

Now that Ninja Boy is here I wonder which route of adaptation our family will take.

In response to the rallying cry from my readers I had this to say,

Twinkle Toes has decided we need to give Ninja Boy back… she has stepped on his head (not with force, just to see if I would let her), plugged his nose, hit me for nursing him, and has been pretty intolerant of the newest littlest one in general. It has gotten better in the last 24 hours, but i fear it may be because she was too tired to try hard at being disruptive…. According to other moms this is normal, though, and should pass soon. I sincerely hope so!


Learning to be a family of four was so much harder for me than bringing home baby #1.  Our learning curve felt so steep and unstable I wanted to shatter under the pressure of keeping two small humans alive at the same time. Thank goodness things are easier now. Reading this, digging through past posts to find something cringeworthy (more like stop cringing long enough to copy and paste, but I digress) has cured by “baby rabies”, my insufferable condition where I see an infant and immediately want to grow our family by another human.


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One Response to Wacky Wednesday

  1. oldboyeddie says:

    and they are so close now! Just takes being older than 4…

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