Bonus Post- Marriage Equality

I went home for lunch today (the best bonus of living across the street from my job) and asked Twinkle Toes if she knew what happened earlier. Her response,

I know! Boys and Girls can figure out who they love when they decide who to marry. Wait! Does this mean older important person A and older important person B are finally gonna get married? Do they get a wedding, too?? WAIT WAIT WAIT, does this mean I get to be their flower girl? Awesome!

Watching her reaction made me picture her, 12 years in the future, rolling her eyes and saying “can you imagine, people used to think only straight people should get married. What the hell was up with that?” I can’t wait to join in, share the memory of this day, and tell her that she always stood on the side of love.


I am keeping names away for all of us, and will continue to be extremely careful when speaking about other people, thus characters A and B will remain anonymous.


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3 Responses to Bonus Post- Marriage Equality

  1. oldboyeddie says:

    she can be our flower girl anytime!

  2. Maggie says:

    Haha what a great reaction. When I was little, one of my great questions was if two women got married, did they BOTH wear wedding dresses? It didn’t cross my mind that two women couldn’t get married.

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