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Freedom Friday- 2nd Grade Bully

Freedom Friday- every Friday I am going to free myself from a burden, either an old embarrassing story, a secret phobia, a lie I told and got away with, a fear I can’t win, or something else to be determined. … Continue reading

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What do you like best about your sibling?

Twinkle Toes I like that if I get scared I can sneak and snuggle in his room and he can keep me safe. I always feel warm and comfortable. He is my friend, he is so kind so me! We … Continue reading

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Bonus Post- Marriage Equality

I went home for lunch today (the best bonus of living across the street from my job) and asked Twinkle Toes if she knew what happened earlier. Her response, I know! Boys and Girls can figure out who they love … Continue reading

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Wacky Wednesday

On Wednesdays I am going to dig through my old blogs and journals and find the most ridiculous posts possible and reshare them here. Today’s post is a real gem from when Ninja Boy was 6 weeks old and Twinkle Toes had … Continue reading

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What is Love and what does it have to do with marriage?

Today’s Big Question was, “What is Love and what does that have to do with getting married?” Twinkle Toes I do not know what love is. Oh wait, I know! it is a feeling your heart gets when someone is … Continue reading

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And so it begins

“What is the best part about being a grown-up?” I asked my kids,  Ninja Boy (four years 23 days old) and Twinkle Toes ( five years ,11 months, 13 days old) this question and an idea for a new blog … Continue reading

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